We are getting so "emojional"!

I spent the day shopping for school clothes with my kids today.  The one thing I noticed is that emojis are everywhere! We brought home about 6 emoji outfits for school and we found emoji school supplies, lunch boxes, backpacks, room decor and more!  There is no denying it, this is how kids are expressing themselves these days and it's a language we will all have to embrace.  

All this emoji craziness makes think that I must be on the right track. Myy emoji candy bar wrappers have been a huge hit.  I was surprised at the popularity of these little guys and even more surprised that they are such a popular party theme for all ages and occasions.  I introduced the idea as a Valentine's Day wrapper but by popular demand, I've kept them in the product line and even added some emoji options and now, you can even choose the color for your text boxes. This design is easily one of my best sellers. You can check them out here:  http://cathywraps.com/emoji-text-candy-bar-wrapper

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