Fun Party Themes That Will Make Your Holiday Party Extraordinary

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The holiday season is a time for hosting parties. You may receive multiple invitations to celebrations from neighborhood friends and coworkers. You may also be someone who enjoys hosting events as much as attending them. If you want your party to stick out this year, it is time to get creative. Rather than a humdrum gathering, invite your friends to a specially themed event.

Around the World

Designing a party as a trip around the world will be an exciting way to experience other cities and countries. Each room of your home can have an international theme with décor based on an important city. If you have some culinary knowhow, you can incorporate foods from different parts of the world. Friends will enjoy fun labeled wine and cheese in the Paris room. They can enjoy a taco bar and margaritas in a Mexico-themed room. Everyone can sing along to their favorite Broadway show tunes in a New York-themed area. Your guests will love playing a variety of casino games at a Vegas themed party.


The masquerade ball has its origins in 15th-century Europe. The masks were part of the formal party style of the royal courts of Italy and France. Wearing masks gave a sense of anonymity and lowered inhibitions. Today, a masquerade ball still carries a sense of elegance. Some of these parties require formal wear and fancy gowns. You can decide how formal you want the event to be. You can allow your guests to unleash their creativity by having a mask creation station near the front entry with paint, glitter and other craft supplies. When guests make their own masks, you can end the night with prizes for the most creative, most beautiful or strangest mask.


It is always fun to look back at the past. Celebrating a particular decade touches on your guests’ sense of nostalgia and gives you many avenues for party planning. You can invite your guests to wear clothes from the decade. It might be tie-dyed t-shirts for the ‘60s or big shoulder pads and power ties for the ‘80s. With digital music services, it is easy to find popular songs from any decade. You can also have an area where popular television shows or movies from the decade play all night long. Take it to the next level with custom party supplies designed for the decade.


A movie-themed party is another avenue for creative play. You can invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie characters and see how many films are represented. Another possibility is to base your party on a popular movie franchise. For costumes, it is helpful to pick a series that has many different characters like “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings,” or “Harry Potter.” You can decorate your house to recreate different scenes from the films. For a fun game, challenge your guests to try to speak movie dialogue from memory.


A mystery-themed party is best for an intimate group of friends. With too many people, this style of a party can get confusing. There are many variations on a puzzle-solving party. You can purchase a game that includes a mystery story for you to follow. You can come up with your own series of puzzles, pitting your guests against one another in exciting competitions. You can even turn your house into an escape room where guests need to solve puzzles and riddles before dinner is served.

This holiday season let everyone else serve eggnog and fruitcake. Ugly sweater parties can happen in other homes. Instead, let your house be the source of unforgettable festivities. By choosing a creative theme for your holiday party, your guests will experience a joyful evening to remember.

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