Hershey's New Packaging

I was pleasantly surprised when I recently opened up one of my candy shipments and noticed that Hershey's has a new wrapper. I was oddly excited about this change because it kind of goes back to the Hershey bar's roots, when they had a silver foil wrapper with a paper Hershey wrapper over it in the same style that I present my candy bars. This is the way Hershey bars were packaged throughout my childhood up until I started this business.  In fact, when I first started selling candy bar wrappers, I wasn't too thrilled about Hershey's packaging change. But I found a solution to the problem and have been able to preserve the "classic" Hershey bar look.  

My secret ingredient is the foil pouch. It is one of the things that makes my candy bars a little more special and it sets me apart from other candy bar wrapper vendors.  Before I wrap the candy bar, I enclose the Hershey bar in a foil pouch. These foil pouches are kind of like an envelope.  They are the perfect size for a full size Hershey bar and give the candy bar the foil ends of the classic Hershey bar. 

One of the great things about the foil pouches is that I can use other products in the pouches making my wrappers that much more versatile. As long as it is similar in size to the Hershey bar, I can fit it into the pouch and wrap it, just as I would a Hershey bar.  In the past, I've wrapped granola bars, protein bars, skittles and more.  This is great for customers that have diet or allergy issues or for those who just like to be different.  Although I have to admit that wrapping Hershey bars is my favorite.

The foil wraps are available in several colors.  I always use silver as a default, but I also have, gold, pink, red, green, blue, lavender and black.  So you can coordinate the foil color to the wrapper as well. This is just another way to make your candy bar stand out above the rest.

My customers already have so many choices in their wrapper designs and these foil pouches are just the right finishing touch to make your candy bar totally unique.

I love using the foil pouches. Not only does it give the candy bar a clean, classic, look but I feel like it gives your candy bar an extra layer of protection and the shiny foil gives it a little bit of pizazz.

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