How to Make Your Teen’s Sweet Sixteen a Party to Remember

The Sweet Sixteen party has quickly become a popular tradition amongst girls in America. In fact, many look forward to it and see it as an important part of growing up. Some might even have the perfect theme for it ready to go. For parents, on the other hand, it can be both an emotional, expensive, and daunting experience to go through. Therefore, the following list includes ways to make your teen's sweet sixteen a party that they will never forget.

Themes and Activities

Although a theme for the party isn't necessarily required, it can be a great way for your teen to express themselves. When it comes to planning around a theme, you should always consult whit your teen on what they want. Now, this doesn't mean that you should say yes to anything they suggest. For example, if they are hoping to a circus theme party, animals might be out of the question. Instead, you can actually ask your guests to come in costume. After all, who doesn't like dressing up? This will make it so that the guests are also experiencing the theme of the party rather than only the birthday girl. When it comes to activities, a DJ may be the best route to take as almost all teens love dancing. However, if you like to be a little different, you can always include games such as musical chairs, karaoke, or even a fashion show where your guests can show off their dresses or costumes.


If you decide to get a car for your child's sweet sixteen, big and heavy vehicles are best for teens. They are great to carry a group of friends when they are allowed to go on road trips and can even deter them from speeding. Note that you can keep it a surprise until the big day by speaking with your local dealer. If your teenager is not exactly ready for a car, there are other options for you. You may provide your teen with a trip anywhere they want for herself and a few selected friends. Fathers can provide them with a promise ring that shows them that he will always be there for them. Your gift, if given with the right intentions, can truly mean the world to them.

The Invitations

The invitations are what mark various parts of the party. This is why most sweet sixteen parties are planned months or even a year ahead of the actual event. So, what should you already have ready before sending out invitations, and what protocol should you follow? It is courteous to always provide your guests with your invitations at least four months before the actual date. This will allow them to have enough time to book flights, hotels, or simply rearrange that doctor's appoint they had for that date. You can send another set of our custom invites to really sell the party. However, before sending them off, you must already have your date chosen as well as the venue booked for the big day. It can be rather frustrating if all this information changes because you were confident about it from the beginning.

A sweet sixteen celebration can be the most important time for both parents and their young daughters or sons. It is a milestone that should be celebrated with a big party. However, planning can be a tad bit difficult. Thus, it is imperative that parents and teens adhere to some of the tips listed above.

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