10 Creative Uses for Personalized Candy Wrappers

Let me just start by saying that I have been in the candy bar wrapper business for a very long time.  At this point, I consider myself to be a professional “wrap artist”.  Over the years, I have created so many candy wrapper orders for so many different occasions from the basic to the extraordinary.  My customers are all so unique and many have surprised me with their creative ways to use my personalized candy bar wrappers to celebrate all of life’s occasions and events.  In this blog post, we explore some imaginative and unexpected ways to incorporate personalized candy wrappers into your special occasions. 

1.Party Favors: Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, personalized candy bar wrappers make the perfect party favor. Candy wrappers can be customized for any theme, color scheme, event, occasion or holiday.  Not only are candy bars so easy to wrap, they are inexpensive and sure-fire way to make sure that your guests leave with a sweet memento that they will use and enjoy and after the candy is eaten, the wrapper can be saved in a scrapbook for years to come. You can find party favors for any occasion right here at www.cathywraps.com

2.Promotional Tools for Businesses: Use a personalized candy bar to share your business information with your existing and potential customers.  You can add a logo, contact information, a catchy slogan or a heartfelt thank you.  Distribute them at trade shows, conferences, launch parties, training events or add them as a sweet addition to customer orders.  It is bound to be the sweetest business card anyone will ever receive.

3.Creative Prom-posals: A fun new trend in high schools right now is the prom-posal. Teens are asking each other to go to the prom in fun and unique ways.  Try incorporating a candy bar wrapper into your prom-posal plans to show your sweetheart how much you care. 

Check out some prom-posal ideas here

4. Birth Announcements: Ditch the cigars and break out the candy bars! Candy bars are much healthier and a more socially acceptable way to welcome your new addition that everyone is sure to enjoy. You can customize candy wrappers with your baby's name, birthdate, and weight, and give them to friends and family as birth announcements. 

baby hat candy bar wrappers

5. Save-the-Dates:Send a totally unique, sweet treat to your wedding guests with personalized candy bars. Include your wedding date, a sweet message, and a photo of the happy couple.  You can bet your guests will be sure to remember your big day.


fall floral geometric wedding candy bar wrappers
6. Stocking Stuffers: There is no better way to share the joy of the holiday season than with candy. Many of my unique, embellished holiday designs are perfect for stocking stuffers.
Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper

7. Fundraisers: Selling candy bars is a proven way to raise funds for educational programs, field trips, and extracurricular activities. Candy bar wrappers can be personalized with details about the fundraiser. Sell them at sporting events, theater and music productions and create a keepsake for parents and students to enjoy and save as a memento of their school years. Personalizing candy wrappers is a great way to make your fundraiser stand out among others and wrapping your own candy bars is a fun way to keep costs down and engage parents, teachers, and students.  Take this idea outside of school and use it at other non-profit organizations or religious institutions.

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8. Campaign Promotion: Personalized candy wrappers are a great way for candidates to engage their constituents and earn votes. The wrappers can be personalized with key issues that the candidate stands for and makes a memorable takeaway at campaign events. Take this idea on a smaller scale and use them at school to earn votes for class president or homecoming queen.

9. Appreciation: Show your employees, customers, and clients how much they mean to you by gifting them personalized candy bars. Candy wrappers can be designed as rewards to recognize milestones, achievements, or work anniversaries.

Fun ways to show your appreciation at work

10. Personalized Party Decor: The party doesn’t have to stop at party favors; you can incorporate personalized candy wrappers into your party decor. You can use them to create unique place settings for your guests or you can add them to your centerpieces. Personalized candy bars are also a perfect addition to your candy buffet. 

candy bar wrapper centerpiece


It is so easy to find a reason to Incorporate personalized candy wrappers into your life and celebrations.   From sentimental milestones to community engagement and branding, these wrappers are more than just a sweet treat – they're a canvas for your creativity. Every day truly is a special occasion and I invite you to explore all of our candy wrapper designs to make every day a little bit sweeter.

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