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My daughter is obsessed with unicorns.  They are everywhere in my house.  We have stuffed animals, bedding, countless unicorn shirts and anything else you can imagine including my Pinterest feed.  My daughter will often browse my Pinterest page looking for--you guessed it--unicorns.  One of the pins I always see is a unicorn cake that looks like a unicorn face, with long eyelashes and a floral crown.  You know you've seen them, they are all over the place, especially my Pinterest feed. Cake making is really not my thing, but I really love the look of these cakes.  They really are adorable and I wish I had the talent to make one.  So, I decided to make one using the talents that I do have--candy wrapping!  

This wrapper debuted a about two months ago and it quickly became a best seller in my shop.  It features a unicorn face candy bar wrapper complete with the long flirty eyelashes, and a shy smile as well as a horn and a floral crown, all hand made with polymer clay.  And of course, they are all personalized, just like everything else in my shop.  

This item is also a lot of fun because my kids really like to get involved in the production of them.  They really love making the flowers and the horns and I love that they have an interest in my business.

 I would love for you to come and follow me on Pinterest as well.  I post pictures of candy wrappers that you can order from me as well as some cool diy party favor ideas that you can make yourself.

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