Have No Fear--"Wrappers Only" is Here!

Today is the first day of summer vacation.  The kiddos are home from school and it's finally nice and hot outside.  It's my favorite time of year but also the time of year that I send a friendly word of caution that your chocolate will melt if left in the heat and sun.  Of course I take precautions for all of my packages with ice packs and insulated boxes, but there is always a chance that the candy will melt in the heat.  That is why I offer the "wrappers only" option on many of my products.  When ordering the "wrappers only", you will get just the candy wrappers and the foil pouches.  You will have to purchase and wrap your own candy bars.  This is a very nice alternative for anyone who is planning a summer party or lives in a warmer climate, hwhere melting will be unavoidable.  The candy bars are super easy to wrap.  All you need is a a little time and a glue stick.  

Wrappers Only

The "wrappers only"  option is available for most of the items in my shop.  So, if the only thing stopping you from having personalized candy bars at your next event is the fear of the chocolate melting, then have no fear--wrappers only is here!

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