It is finally the year of the girl

One of the most popular items in my shop are these adorable little baby candy bars with hand sewn hats.  I have had these wrappers in my shop for about three years now and they come in blue, pink, white or any color that you choose really.  Up until recently, I've made them in almost every variation except  I always laugh because I have made hundreds of baby boy and gender neutral wrappers but never a pink one.  I was starting to wonder that maybe this just wasn't a product for a baby girl.  Then, 2017 happened and I received two orders, back to back for pink baby wrappers with pink hats.  I'm so happy! This might just be the year of the girl.....

New Baby Candy Bars by Cathy's Creations


You can order these adorable baby candy bar wrappers (in any color) here.

P.S.  I just got another baby order today and it's for a boy.  That pink streak didn't last very long.

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