5 Ways to Spice Up a Bachelor Party Without Making Your Fiance Mad

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If you're planning a bachelor party for a friend who is about to get married, it's important to plan fun ideas and incorporate them into the event so that the bachelor has a good time before saying "I do" to his new bride. If the bachelor party is going to be clean with a dash of fun, here are four ways that you can innocently spice up the event.

Combine the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

There is no rule that says that you can't combine your bachelor party with a bachelorette party if the bride is going to have a party as well. If the theme of both parties is going to be clean, there is no better way to start a lifelong journey together than by having one single pre-ceremony party.

To make this fun, you need to have a plan and know your group. Choose themes and activities for your party that are friendly and show a little bit of competition. Stay away from ideas that are too physically demanding or labor-intensive.

Change the Scenery

Typically, many bachelorette parties happen in someone’s apartment, a bar, or some sort of night club. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to spice it up without making too much of a fuss. Try looking for activities that take you away from home but aren’t necessarily too wild. Look into horseback riding, small daily cruises, painting night, or even camping. The important thing is that you’re experiencing something new with people you might not be seeing much of lately. Just be sure to still make it a party - whether that means drinking some wine or beer. Some of these events are very much bring your own drink, so be sure to account for that budget expense as well!

Invite a Bartender to Mix Your Drinks

To begin spicing up your bachelor party, why not invite a bartender to mix your drinks? A professional bartender knows how to create the same flavorful drinks that are popular in most bars. In addition, it is highly likely that a professional will be able to make drinks that are customized to your party. With this option, you don't have to just stick with serving beer. It opens up many more different ways to satisfy the bachelor as well as the guests who will be attending.

Include Different Games

Another way that you can spice up your bachelor party is by including games. Board and video games are almost always a good idea, but sometimes can be hard since many games don’t work for large groups. You could do some hard gaming during the afternoon, stop and chill out for a while, and continue all night if you want.

The most important aspect of this type of atmosphere is that the bachelor is having fun. You can even include video-arcade games for people who may not be as interested in gaming with boards. Either way, it creates competition in a fun environment, and it is simple to plan and successfully pull off.

Include Customized Party Favors

You can also use customized bachelor-party favors to bring some humor and creativity to the event. Favors could include items such as cold drink holders or sunglasses with funny sayings on them. You could also come up with some custom candy wrappers or other novelty additions. Use the personality and character of the groom to come up with ideas. Also, you can search on the internet to locate ideas that others have successfully used in their parties.

Incorporate any of these ideas into the bachelor party that you’re planning, and you're bound to have a successful event.

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