4 Unique Ways to Wish Someone Happy Birthday

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Since birthdays come just once a year for a family member or treasured friend, why not come up with a new and novel way to celebrate their special day. Finding just the right presentation and birthday greeting doesn't have to be a complicated process. Just like any other special occasion that requires acknowledgment, a birthday greeting can be just as unique, creative, effective and joyous as any other holiday or event. So, just what unique ideas can you use to wish someone a happy birthday? Here are four unique ways that might make a birthday recipient's day a surprising, fun and memorable celebration.

Chalkboard Greetings

With chalkboards becoming one of the most innovative, folksy and decorative ways to express and post most anything, why not create a small or large chalkboard for a birthday display. The birthday recipient's special day can be highlighted at the top in colored chalk with his or her favorite meal menu and birthday cake written out and added below the greeting. Gather family and others to make the party meal and cake and surprise your family or friend with their own special chalkboard greeting with a yummy favorite food menu and cake to go with it. Small chalkboard placeholders would be another way to decorate the party table for the birthday party guests.

Zodiac Signs

Using zodiac sign designs is another fun and smart way to wish someone a happy birthday. Incorporate the gift recipient's astrological sign and description of their sign with a birthday message or poem on the front of a card or birthday t-shirt, or create a small zodiac charm and add it to a bracelet or necklace intertwined with a birthday greeting charm. A zodiac-themed birthday party is another way to incorporate a birthday message, and the same theme could also be used in a birthday game situation with guests trying to figure out who is what sign.

Birthday Timelines

One way to celebrate a special family member or friend's birthday, particularly if they are celebrating a milestone birthday, is to create a trip down memory lane in special pictures and short captions. Family members or friends can add their favorite photos and phrases in the creative process. It can be displayed in a timeline sequence and put together in a scroll format, tied with a birthday banner ribbon, and presented to the birthday recipient at a special birthday announcement party.

Birthday Cake Surprises

A homemade or specialty cake is another unique way to wish someone a happy birthday. Arrange for the cake to be decorated with the birthday date and delivered directly to the birthday recipient's home or work with the birthday song either sung to them by the delivery service or recorded in such a way that opening the cake box triggers a cute rendition of the song. Just make sure your birthday recipient will be home or at work for the delivery. There is any number of online bakeries and businesses that relate to birthday cake deliveries.

There are lots of unique ways to wish someone a happy birthday, and the four presented here are some of what's available to make anyone's birthday a special day that they will enjoy and likely never forget.


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