4 Cheap or Free Things to Do at Your Next Summer Party

barbecue summer party

Throwing a fun summer party doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet. Entertain your friends without blowing your budget. Below, you will find 4 cheap or free things to do at your summer party.

Setup a Home Drive-In Movie

Although there aren’t that many drive-in movie theaters around anymore, you can recreate the experience right in your own backyard. For this summer party, all you will need to do is either set up your television outside or turn your smartphone into a projector. Once you have your screen, all you have to add next is some popcorn, candy, drinks, and some comfy seats.

Host the Party at the Beach

Another fun and free summer party idea is to gather up your friends and family and head to the beach. Many beaches offer unique activities and attractions that are fun for the whole family. You can swim in the ocean, play volleyball or frisbee, have a cookout, and much more. All you will need is some beach accessories—like chairs, umbrellas, some food, and fun sand toys for the kids.

Throw a Picnic Potluck

One way to throw a cheap summer party is to host a picnic potluck. You can hold a picnic just about anywhere, including your own backyard or a local park. The idea of the potluck picnic is that all you guests bring their favorite item. Encourage your friends and family to bring along hot dogs, chips, marshmallows for roasting, potato salad, ice cream, and whatever else they can come up with. Your local park will have grills, picnic benches, and plenty of green space.

Catch Fireflies

There’s nothing that says summer more than spending the late evening outside and catching fireflies. For kids and adults alike, fireflies offer some summer magic. Fireflies are found throughout North America; however, if you live on the West Coast, they might be hard to find. If you live somewhere where they are present, head out to a local park or wooded area that is near water. Fireflies can be found where there is no light pollution. All you will need to catch them is a butterfly net and some mason jars. You can also bring along some snacks and drinks. The fun of this kind of party is that it gets you and your guests out into the great outdoors, and even if you don’t catch anything, you will still have a great time.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and throw a party for all your friends and family. For a cheap or free party with fun activities, you can create a drive-in movie experience, host your bash at the beach, put together a potluck picnic, or go catch some magical fireflies.

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