3 Tips for Hosting a Unique Wedding

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Most people want their weddings to be memorable for themselves and for their guests. After all, you spend thousands on it, and you don't get married every day, so the memories need to last well after all of the flowers have died and the last bit of the wedding cake is eaten on your one-year anniversary. Here are three tips to make your wedding memorable for everyone there.

Make Memorable Invitations

There isn't an exact formula for how to make memorable wedding invitations except try not to be like everyone else. The Save the Date cards and wedding invitations are the first part of how you introduce everyone to your wedding, so find a way to tie it into your theme. You should also have it reflect your personalities. If you and your fiancé are a funny couple, don't be afraid to let that show. If you have a special memory that you would like to let your guests in on, see if you can work it into the cards. The point is, you and your fiancé are unique, so if you base your invitations off of you rather than trying to fit into the crowd, you'll get unique and memorable invitations.

Accommodate Your Guests’ Needs

If you're hosting a large wedding, one of the most challenging things to do is to remember everyone's individual needs. Remembering that Aunt Alice has a peanut allergy and Cousin Sara is vegetarian can be difficult when you have an extended family that is relatively large. One way that you can try to remember everything for everyone is to ask on your wedding invitations. Explain that you want to make everyone as comfortable as possible, so you would like to know about dietary restrictions, needs for help from any elderly people, or anything else that they need help with. Your guests will notice and appreciate the extra effort.

Book a Memorable Venue

Another way to make your wedding day especially memorable is to hold it somewhere special. Don't just get married in your backyard or your local chapel (unless that's special to you, of course). Book somewhere scenic that will be especially beautiful in the season that you'll be tying the knot. Include activities for both the happy couple and invited guests by getting married at a resort. You could even do a destination wedding! This is your special day, so stay within your budget and make sure it's everything you ever dreamed it would be.

Writing a Memorable Speech

One of the highlights of any wedding is speech time. If you want your speech to be memorable in the right kind of way, make sure you practice and have a good idea of how long a speech takes. A minute of speaking equates to about 125-150 words per minute. Take the time to practice so that you're ready and you know how long you actually have. Also, ask someone you trust what they think before you give the speech.

Preparing for weddings can be time-consuming, and they can be expensive. It's possible to have a beautiful, memorable wedding if you plan ahead of time and have a little creativity.

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